Our Outcomes

We are happy to report that in the past year, 88 to 92 percent of those in our IOP or PHP program achieved improvements in their quality of life as measured by the eating disorder quality of life measure. Also, approximately 70 percent of those in our program had improvements in body image concerns as measured by the body shape questionnaire, an area that is considered one of the most hard to treat parts of an eating disorder. We are also happy to report that almost 100 percent of those in our program were satisfied with their treatment and had stated they would recommend our program to a friend or return to our program if further care was needed.

Also within the past year, we have met most of our own internal standards and goals of having assessments done within 3 days of admission to our program and most of our initial care plans done within a week of admission. We are still working on achieving one of our goals of doing discharge summaries in a timely manner of within one week of discharge from the program.